Aston Display Limited
ADL is a full member of ESSA (The Event Supplier and Services Association).

ESSA was born following the merger between the Association of Exhibition Contractors (AEC) and the British Exhibition Contractors Association (BECA) and now represents over 230 suppliers and contractors serving the events industry.

Exhibitors who appoint an ESSA member as their contractor can be confident that they are protected by high professional standards. Every ESSA member, admitted only after a rigorous selection procedure, must meet the association's standards of workmanship, service and business practice, and must adhere to the association's Code of Conduct.

ESSA members have an exceptional record of accident-free working. The Association was a founder member of the working party responsible for the industry Guide to Managing Health and Safety at Exhibitions.

ADL is covered under the ESSA Bond, the unique association guarantee of completion, protects you - the exhibitor. With the ESSA Bond, if a member becomes insolvent within seven days of the start of build-up, ESSA will arrange for another contractor to complete the work. An insurance bond makes good any money that has been paid out.

All ESSA Members adhere to a Quality Service Charter.

The Charter has not been put in place to tell members how to run their businesses but to advise clients of the minimum level of service they must expect from any contractor or service provider they employ. We are not saying that ESSA members are the only companies who are able to adhere to the specifics of our Charter, but they are the only ones who may lose membership of their Trade Association if they don't said ESSA Operations Director, Chris Skeith.

  • All work or services will be carried out to an agreed specification and time-scale.
  • All work will be explained, costed and agreed.

  • All materials used will meet with the required Industry Standards.

  • Health & Safety and environmental issues will have a high priority in every aspect of the project.

  • Members will only use workers who are experienced and competent to fulfil their role.

  • All enquiries will be dealt with efficiently and courteously.
  • Company insurance details will be available upon request.